This season I was intent on celebrating the art of what we do. After all, we don’t just design beautiful shoes. We embody confidence and self-expression, rouse inspiration, create support both literally and figuratively and we do it every day.

The bottom line is: shoes aren’t just shoes. They become part of the fabric of our lives, weaved intricately into the way we take on and speak to the world every day. And our everyday is important because, well, it’s EVERY DAY.

When designing this collection, I was inspired by the beauty and delight that shoes bring to our everyday. I found myself constantly asking “how do we make our everyday just that little bit better?”. What makes our everyday just that little bit better is, of course, different for everyone and different every day. Some days we long for comfort and support, others we need hype and confidence, and sometimes we just need good old fashion practicality.

With this mind, I thought about my own every day. I realised that as I walk my path, I have two trusted and loyal companions at my feet at almost all times. My shoes and my dog.

Shoes & dogs. What a combination. Two of my favourite things. They have more in common than you think. Just as the shoes on your feet have become part of your everyday, our furry friends have cemented themselves into all aspects of our lives. They bring us endless joy, make us laugh, comfort us when we’re sad. They are there for us through it all. An enduring love story, a timeless bond. Quite simply, they make our everyday just that little bit better.

Life is a complex jigsaw puzzle. There is no one thing that makes it ‘complete’, it is a complex combination of little things that come together and multiply into a beautiful masterpiece. Shoes and dogs are some of those things. It is my absolute pleasure to capture two of these irreplaceable life treasures together in harmony in this editorial style campaign of art.

Join us this season as our loveable pack of friends help introduce my latest pieces.

With love & dedication,

Nicole Rebstock x


In loving dedication to Beau, may your days be filled with as much love and sunshine as you have filled mine.

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