“As the designer and sole owner of the Nicole Rebstock brand, I understand the importance of incorporating social responsibility and high ethical standards into my business practices. My background in law and my learnings in business have given me a strong appreciation for what it means to be “socially responsible” when it comes to manufacturing and acting as a retailer, employer and, contractor." 

“I work with a wonderful, family owned manufacturer in Guangzhou, China, who has an open door policy. This simply means that I can visit the factory whenever I like, without warning. As a matter of policy, every production run that is carried out is overseen by me and the quality control team at the factory. The manager, technicians and I work as a team to source high quality materials when I am in Guangzhou. Our manufacturers have a preferred selection of venders for materials which helps us maintain our excellent quality. My trips to Guangzhou involve visiting the trade markets for future collections, visiting other component factories, overseeing and performing quality control on current production and ensuring the factory complies with our ethical standards as a company. These standards include, but are not limited to: a fair and liveable wage, good working conditions and a feeling of belonging in the work place."  

“All of our shoes are handmade to an exceptionally high standard by people who have an incredible wealth of knowledge and talent. Everyone is very passionate about what they do and the outcome is something our manufacturers and I are very proud of.”  

- Nicole Rebstock

Designer and owner of the Nicole Rebstock brand.


For any further information on our social responsibility and ethical standards, please contact us at info@rebfootwear.com