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Discover our collection of premium handmade leather loafers. From wardrobe staples to statement pieces, indulge in the perfect pair for you.

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Royal Loafer | Wine patentRoyal Loafer | Wine patent
Royal Loafer | Wine patent Sale price$329.00 NZD
Royal Loafer | Black oiled leatherRoyal Loafer | Black oiled leather
Alixa Loafer | Nude leatherAlixa Loafer | Nude leather
Alixa Loafer | Nude leather Sale price$319.00 NZD
Alixa Loafer | Black leatherAlixa Loafer | Black leather
Alixa Loafer | Black leather Sale price$319.00 NZD
Diago Loafer | Nude suedeDiago Loafer | Nude suede
Diago Loafer | Nude suede Sale price$319.00 NZD
Briar Loafer | Off-white leatherBriar Loafer | Off-white leather
Briar Loafer | Off-white leather Sale price$339.00 NZD
Briar Loafer | Black oiled leatherBriar Loafer | Black oiled leather
Blaza Loafer | Black leatherBlaza Loafer | Black leather
Blaza Loafer | Black leather Sale price$329.00 NZD
Blaza Loafer | Navy suedeBlaza Loafer | Navy suede
Blaza Loafer | Navy suede Sale price$329.00 NZD
Ralph Loafer | Black/nude leatherRalph Loafer | Black/nude leather
Ralph Loafer | Black/nude leather Sale price$339.00 NZD
Ralph Loafer | Black patentRalph Loafer | Black patent
Ralph Loafer | Black patent Sale price$339.00 NZD
Katie Loafer | Olive suedeKatie Loafer | Olive suede
Katie Loafer | Olive suede Sale price$319.00 NZD
Diago Loafer | Black patentDiago Loafer | Black patent
Diago Loafer | Black patent Sale price$329.00 NZD
Boston Slingback Loafer | Midnight suedeBoston Slingback Loafer | Midnight suede
Boston Slingback Loafer | Black patentBoston Slingback Loafer | Black patent
Balta Loafer | Cream/nude comboBalta Loafer | Cream/nude combo
Balta Loafer | Cream/nude combo Sale price$319.00 NZD
Balta Loafer | Black leatherBalta Loafer | Black leather
Balta Loafer | Black leather Sale price$319.00 NZD
Dawson Loafer | Black oilDawson Loafer | Black oil
Dawson Loafer | Black oil Sale price$319.00 NZD
Dawson Loafer | Ivory oilDawson Loafer | Ivory oil
Dawson Loafer | Ivory oil Sale price$319.00 NZD
Tasha Loafer | Black patentTasha Loafer | Black patent
Tasha Loafer | Black patent Sale price$309.00 NZD
Tasha Loafer | Cream leatherTasha Loafer | Cream leather
Tasha Loafer | Cream leather Sale price$229.00 NZD Regular price$309.00 NZD
Kade Loafer | Black suedeKade Loafer | Black suede
Kade Loafer | Black suede Sale price$299.00 NZD
Kansas Loafer | Mocha suedeKansas Loafer | Mocha suede
Kansas Loafer | Mocha suede Sale price$309.00 NZD
Ariana Loafer | Cream comboAriana Loafer | Cream combo
Ariana Loafer | Cream combo Sale price$309.00 NZD
Ariana Loafer | Black comboAriana Loafer | Black combo
Ariana Loafer | Black combo Sale price$229.00 NZD Regular price$309.00 NZD
Marle Loafer | Black CrocMarle Loafer | Black Croc
Marle Loafer | Black Croc Sale price$219.00 NZD Regular price$309.00 NZD