Beautiful things require love and care. Please care for your shoes using the following instructions, any specific care instructions are listed on individual product pages.


Regular Leather

  Use shoe leather conditioner to cleanse, moisturise and remove light scuffs. Revive with matching coloured renovating polish. Finish with shine dressing. 


Suede, Nubuck & Velvet

 Apply several layers of water and stain protector before wearing. Reapply every few wears. Avoid water and other liquids. Store out of direct light. Use a suede/nubuck brush to remove dirt.

For a more detailed care guide for suede, click here.



 Use shoe leather conditioner to cleanse. Revive with matching coloured patent dressing. Finish with a shine dressing.


Please care for your NR accessories using the following instructions:



Dry clean only. Store out of direct light in a cool and dry place. Avoid alcohol-based products. Keep ironing to a minimum.

For a more detailed care guide for silk, click here. 



Store in a designated NR velvet pouch. Avoid perfumes, water and creams to prevent tarnishing. Use a soft lint-free cloth for general cleaning.

For a more detailed care guide for jewellery, click here.