Across history, colour has been used as a way to signal status, emotion, or personality. Different cultures use colours in different ways; one of the more famous examples of this would have to be weddings. In western cultures, brides often wear white dresses to symbolise peace and serenity while in China, brides start with a red dress to symbolise joy and luck. The colour of our clothing is not just important at weddings though, the colours that we wear everyday can influence our mood and the way people around us perceive us.

There are two important facets to colour psychology: the hue and the tone. Cool hues, such as blue and green, are often seen as calming colours and tend to ground people. Warm colours, such as yellow and orange, can make us feel powerful and improve the mood of ourselves and others around us. Yellows and oranges tend to give off happy and energetic vibes while green and blue help to surround people with a sense of peace. The tone of the colour refers to the brightness of the colour. Brighter colours look bolder and can boost the energy of the environment. Muted colours tend to bring a sense of peace and harmony.

When looking at the colours in your wardrobe, think about what the day will bring you. Do you have an important meeting and would like an energy boost? Bright and warm colours will help. Try seeing if you have a yellow or orange shirt. If you are starting something new and feeling nervous then muted and cool colours are your friend. A green jacket or navy shoes will help to calm your nerves. Even if you generally wear neutral colours, you can still take advantage of the psychology of colour by incorporating a pop of colour into your outfit. Accessories like silk scarves or bags are a great way to get this pop of colour while still having a more neutral look overall.

We are coming into summer now and with the warmer weather styles tend to become brighter and more energetic. Cool blues are a fantastic colour to pair with the bright pinks and whites that everywhere at the moment. Personally, I love the new Blaize sneakers in powder blue as they work in harmony with the bright colours to give off a summery vibe without overwhelming the outfit.

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