Bold colour combinations:

After an unusual year of being cooped up at home, it's time for a slash of colour. From burnt orange and soft lavender to magenta and forest green, using bold colours to colour block creates the statement that 2022 calls for. 

Fashion tip: Try sticking to solid colour blocks to create a more cohesive look. Accessorise with a bag or simple jewellery.

Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Bejewelled everything:

Shiny things aren’t just for jewellery anymore. We can see the trend of jewel embellishments being used to elevate an everyday look. These accents draw attention by reflecting light and bringing texture which in turns adds interest to your style.

Fashion tip: For a blinged up outfit for your everyday, adopt some subtle crystal accents like our Gigi trainers to bring a little more luxury to your ordinary look.

Photo courtesy: Pinterest & Nicole Rebstock

Clashing prints

It’s typically not acceptable to wear patterns that would clash together however 2022 has set to rule that out. It's all about mixing patterns and textures together to create an eclectic look. Pair your printed top with your snakeskin skirt to achieve the ultimate trend.

Fashion tip: You can choose one piece of clothing or accessory in your outfit to be a solid colour. This will work to break up your combinations of patterns and make the look less heavy.

Photo courtesy: Vogue Runway

Oversized suits in natural colours

On the other end of the spectrum, we can see that neutral oversized suits are on the rise in the fashion world. This is a simple but flattering choice that will work for the office, lunch with the girls or a night event.

Fashion tip: Footwear is an easy way of dressing up or down an oversized suit style. Pair with a stiletto heel for a fancy look. Alternatively, throw on a pair of slides for a more toned down version of the outfit.

Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Stone coloured trousers

Stone is the shade that has begun to rule the neutrals realm this year, especially in trousers. This shade is the perfect foundation piece as it brings a soft touch to your styling. 

Fashion tip: Instead of keeping it safe with neutral pairings, opt for something with a pop of colour like a colourful coat or a printed blouse.

Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Pop of colour gloves

Gloves in general have made a dramatic comeback into the world of fashion. It is an easy way to accessories a plain outfit by bringing an elegant touch. Although gloves have always been seen in neutral colours, 2022 will see the rise of colourful gloves that will bring another playful element to an outfit.

Fashion tip: Opt for sheer gloves to be able to wear them in warmer seasons but still achieve the same dramatic effect.

Photo courtesy: Pinterest & Vogue Runway

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