Silk scarves are an incredibly versatile fashion accessory. You can wear them with your handbag, in your hair or even as an element of your outfit. When taken proper care of, these scarves can accompany you as timeless companions for many seasons. This blog showcases our new mulberry silk scarves in detail and how they can transform multiple aspects of your fashion styling. Welcome to the new era of Nicole Rebstock.

Coco The Rhino (65x65cm)

As one of the smaller-size scarves in our range, Coco The Rhino is the ideal starting point for individuals who want to add this chic accessory to their wardrobe. The colour scheme of this scarf is a neutral palette that can complement your basic shades of tan, cream and navy.

Style this scarf: If you’re looking to wear this scarf as part of your outfit (eg: around your neck), try building an outfit that starts with a soft neutral top as this will bring out the range of colours in the scarf. Complete the foundation of your outfit by pairing the top with a rich-coloured bottom to bring a balanced silhouette back to the outfit. If you want to style the scarf with a dress or skirt, choose a light-coloured piece and have dark-coloured outerwear layered on each other for a relaxed model-off-duty look. You may also switch the overall shade orientation by having a dark-coloured top with some light-colour bottoms. 

Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Style this with shoes: Incorporating different textures will help to create an interesting contrast within the outfit. The richness of the suede will help enhance the silky texture of the scarf by creating a visual contrast of textures. To form the perfect monochromatic look, try adhering to the colour palette of the scarf by finishing your look with coco or black footwear such as our Aria loafers. For a taste of elevated sophistication, consider wearing our Nemesis 78mm pumps to match the border of the scarf if you’re looking to create a detailed contrast.



Style this with jewellery: Jewellery is something you can experiment with when wearing scarves as some styles of jewellery work better with certain patterns and colours of scarves. With Coco The Rhino scarf, adopting some diamond or solid studs are the safest and most compatible earring choices. An example of these types of styles are our Miss Marion or Molten studs. They will work to complement the scarf's design and colours without disrupting the outfit's aesthetic balance.



A World of Wonder (90x90cm)

Our A World of Wonder scarf features an ornamented border that frames an eclectic flora and fauna print filled with warm earthy shades. This scarf is a beautiful statement piece that will add flair to one’s winter wardrobe. The colours of the print may seem intimidating, however, it carries a tremendous sense of elegance and wearability that can easily take your look from day to night.


Style this scarf: Since this scarf is soft and flowy, we would style an outfit that juxtaposes the scarf's visual feel by building a structured look. A tailored blazer and trouser combo is the ultimate structured look for this scarf. Wear this scarf around your neck or draped across your body and layer it under or over a blazer to create smart layers for your outfit. Pairing a tailored look with A World of Wonder scarf adds the perfect touch of feminine styling to balance out a strong and tailored look. A clothing ensemble with solid colours will be ideal to allow the scarf to shine. Alternatively, you may apply the same layering principles with a winter coat instead of a blazer for your casual winter outfits.

Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Style this with shoes: Structured silhouettes pair perfectly with a classic court shoe. Preferably a pair of stiletto shoes that bring a feminine touch without the visual bulk. While our signature Nemesis pumps are the obvious styling choice in this outfit scenario, our faithful slingback Aly would also work to form a fully cohesive look. Sling-backs are a great piece to adopt when you’re wanting something delicate yet poised. Presenting itself in a black or sand suede, Aly’s shades will work well to compliment the bright range of colours in the scarf. 



Style this with a bag: A simple way of adding this scarf as an accessory to your look is to pick a bag that matches a colour in the pattern to create a cohesive look. However, to add a more dramatic twist, you can style a bag that will make a visual contrast with the colours in the print. A black bag like our Olivia structured tote can be the perfect canvas for the scarf to present itself on. Since the scarf’s dimension is 90x90cm, it is large enough to wrap around the bag's firm handles. This elevates the look of your bag with an added layer of a colourful print to draw the entire outfit together.


Photo courtesy: Nicole Rebstock & Pinterest

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