In this article we continues to explore our new mulberry silk scarves in detail and how they can transform multiple aspects of your fashion styling. Welcome to the new era of Nicole Rebstock.

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Pegasus Takes London (90x90cm)

The Pegasus Takes London scarf tells a chic graphic narrative with a mellow palette of blues and touches of red that bring the motif to life. 

Style this scarf: Our Pegasus takes London scarf acts as the ideal shawl for your next outfit. The 90x90cm scarf is big enough to provide coverage while simultaneously adding an element of stylised texture. If you have a dress that needs a light layer on top, drape this scarf around your shoulders and tie a knot or secure it with our Trifecta scarf ring to hold your scarf in place all day long. It is the ultimate embodiment of European fashion with a metallic touch contrasting the soft texture of mulberry silk. Whichever way you choose to wear our Pegasus takes London scarf, the classic colours of navy, deep tan and cream are suitable colours to compliment the tones in this scarf. You can even choose to match your nails or lipstick to the sections of red in the scarf for a cohesive and elegant look.


Photo courtesy: Pinterest & Nicole Rebstock

Style this with shoes: If you’re building a look with classic shades like black, navy or beige, consider adding a pop of colour to your feet. You don’t have to find a colour that is the same as the ones in the scarf, as long you choose a colour that falls within the same tonal palette of the shade you’re trying to match it with. Taking our beautiful AW22 season shade - emerald as an example, even though it may not be a colour that is present in the scarf, it still compliments the lighter blues of the scarf and creates a harmonious look. 


Style it with a belt: Our twisted Twine buckle detail will play its role to accentuate your silhouette. Whether you wear it around the waistband of your trousers or your hips when you wear a dress to create shape, the smooth surface of the belt will complement the scarf. Along with the buckle’s elegant gold finish, the scarf and the belt will become key features of your look. 


Tangerine Desert (65x65cm)

Tangerine Desert is a bronzed desert scene that features an array of warm orange shades to brighten your capsule of outfits. Never go unnoticed with this soft but striking scarf that will work well with outfits that are formed of neutral tones or contrasting colours.

Style this scarf: Our Tangerine Desert scarves act as the perfect hair or clothing accessory. Add a pop of colour through your hair by wearing it as a loose head scarf to channel your inner Marilyn. You can also thread the scarf through your hair bun or ponytail and allow it to hang loosely for a soft flair. Another way you can style this scarf is by wrapping the scarf around your wrist as a scarf bracelet for a different form of contrast against your skin. Silk scarves can also replace traditional belts. Tie the scarf around your waist or thread it through the belt loops of your pants for a relaxed yet polished look. No matter how you wear the scarf, try pairing these colours with soft neutrals like tan, charcoal or cream for a subtle yet thought-out silhouette. Alternatively, you can use this scarf as a bright contrast with darker shades such as deep browns, khaki or burgundy for the ultimate eye-catching edit.


 Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Style it with shoes: As mentioned above, soft neutrals are the perfect pairing for this colour-rich scarf. Although white is often chosen when matching it with something colourful, it can sometimes create too stark of a contrast. That is why many people opt for a shade that provides a flush of colour like blush to provide a seamless finish to their outfit. If you’re looking to create a smart casual look with the scarf, consider adorning some sneakers like Mandy in blush pebble leather. With delicate gold embellishments, our Mandy sneakers will work well to complement the scarf’s bronze palette without overwhelming the overall look. 



Home Decor: If wearing silk scarves isn’t a part of your styling taste, you may opt to frame these striking prints and hang them as interior works of art on your walls. When exploring frame options, consider neutral frame colours. Framing a silk scarf creates the perfect centrepiece in a room as the silky fabric radiates a strong wash of colour that will bring your living spaces to life. This will maximise the visual impact of the scarf’s prints and colours. Position the work of art away from a window that streams direct light to ensure the longevity of the colours in the scarf.


 Photo courtesy: Pinterest

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