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Discover our range of premium handmade footwear. From loafers, designer sneakers and flats to pumps, heels and stilettos, find a pair of shoes you adore.

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Dawson Loafer | Black oilDawson Loafer | Black oil
Dawson Loafer | Black oil Sale price$319.00 NZD
Dawson Loafer | Ivory oilDawson Loafer | Ivory oil
Dawson Loafer | Ivory oil Sale price$319.00 NZD
Kade Loafer 25mm | Black suedeKade Loafer 25mm | Black suede
Kade Loafer 25mm | Black suede Sale price$299.00 NZD
Ariana Loafer | Cream comboAriana Loafer | Cream combo
Ariana Loafer | Cream combo Sale price$309.00 NZD
Ariana Loafer | Black comboAriana Loafer | Black combo
Ariana Loafer | Black combo Sale price$309.00 NZD
Marle Loafer 15mm | Black CrocMarle Loafer 15mm | Black Croc
Marle Loafer 15mm | Black Croc Sale price$219.00 NZD Regular price$309.00 NZD