Dear shoe lover,

I hope you've been keeping well.

I want to let you in on a little secret...

People always ask me what my favourite style is so I thought I would let you in on the secret.

Nemesis. A timeless piece that so happens to date back to my first collection.

Why? Well, first of all, if you know me, I love classic styling- sleek lines & feminine silhouettes. 

Now for a bit of history...

Nemesis was the first shoe I ever designed. The last (shoe mould) took a long time to perfect. It's hard work making a shoe that high, comfortable. Often when you make a new last, the silhouette you desire can be compromised by the comfort level you seek. The exact curvature of the arch and the shape of the toe box are very important for both aesthetic reasons and comfort. In this case, I wasn't prepared to compromise on either.

I went back and forward, deciding what shaped heel I would use, ultimately arriving at the stiletto heel that has won the heart of so many today. A straight, modern stiletto heel, as opposed to a more curved and older fashioned heel.

So why do we love this shoe so much?

It embodies femininity and holds a sense of power for the one wearing it. Put simply, it's the way it makes you feel (and there's no doubt it's a fashion statement too)! For what it is and the height it gives us, it's as comfortable as you could ever wish a stiletto to be and best of all, it will never go out of fashion

As I like to say, real beauty doesn't date and sometimes less is more.

You can expect Nemesis to be around for years to come

Nemesis comes back each season but with a new colour, texture and finish. I love to use suede for vibrant colours as I feel it does more justice to the colour, giving it depth that a matte leather often cannot produce.

Just like you, I have been collecting the colours since day 1- who knew there were so many shades!

With love,

Nicole x


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