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Fleur de Giverny, No. 1 Luxury Soy Candle

We warmly invite you to experience 'Fleur de Giverny | Fragrance No. 1', a nod to the fragrant aroma of Claude Monet's famous picturesque garden in the small village of Giverny of Northern France.

Nicole Rebstock's Scent Edit is a range of custom luxury fragrances, inspired by the wonders of a Parisian dream.

"And as she dreamed, she danced along the cobbled stone streets of Paris, breathing in the fragrant warmth of the summer night. The scent so enchanting, she could feel her tousled curls falling freely around her shoulders, guided only by her wildest ambitions....". 

Scent: Amber, cedarwood, Gardenia, Bergamot

Components: 100% soy wax, GMO free, lead & zinc free, non-toxic

Glassware: 100% 2 piece cloche 


Behind the scent

We have proudly partnered with New Zealand business and social enterprise 'Downlights New Zealand'. All candles are lovingly hand poured using artisenal techniques and the manufacturing process offers employment opportunities for young adults with Down Syndrome and intellectual or learning disabilities.

Fleur de Giverny, No. 1 Luxury Soy Candle
Fleur de Giverny, No. 1 Luxury Soy Candle

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