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5 Dog Breeds For a Busy Lifestyle

Posted on 08 February 2017

If you’re anything like us here at REB, you’ll be slightly crazy about our furry four legged friends. However, with the busy lifestyles we lead, getting a dog can feel a bit daunting. Don’t let this put you off. After the initial potty training (which won’t take long), a dog will be the best friend you ever had.


To get you started on the search for your new fluffy friend, we have put together our top 5 favourite breeds for a busy lifestyle.


1. The Pug

Known for their even tempers, playful personalities and outgoing dispositions, Pugs love being around people. They are pretty happy in their own company too. They’re easily adaptable, comfortably living in the country or the city and they need minimal exercise compared with other breeds. A loving and friendly breed, Pugs make excellent companions and are always looking to please their owners.


2. The Golden Retriever

Considered the quintessential family dog, Golden Retrievers exhibit great intelligence and an eager to please attitude. They’re active, energetic dogs that can adapt to many different living situations. A loyal and loving breed, Golden Retrievers enjoy playing games with their families and socialising with people, children and other animals. They love the outdoors and make a great running buddy for those who enjoy outdoor activity.


3. The French Bulldog

Originally developed to be a companion dog, French Bulldogs continue to be used as lap warmers and family-friendly pets all across the world. Prized for their affectionate nature and even dispositions, they’re active and alert without being too energetic. Much like the Pug, French Bulldogs are a good choice for someone living in an apartment with little to no garden as they require little exercise compared with other breeds.


4. The Miniature Schnauzer

One of the most popular breeds in the world, the Miniature Schnauzer simply has it all – the looks, the brains and of course the cute factor. They are incredibly smart little animals and will always make you laugh. They love to be with their owners but will tolerate being left alone for some time during the day. There really isn't anything not to love about the Schnauzer.


5. The Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs that come in many different colours and coats but they all have a few things in common: large alert ears, cute round eyes and huge personalities. Inside each little Chihuahua is a miniature king or queen ready to rule its realm, so they need to be taught what is acceptable to humans. Don’t let this worry you too much though as they are very intelligent and enthusiastic so often require little training. Not to mention, they are so tiny you can take them almost anywhere without any hassle!




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